2020 Schedule

Swim Team Schedule
Swimming Parent Meeting 

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Athlete Expectations
a. Respect/Sportsmanship
b. Be On time to practice
c. Check Google Classroom (This is where I will communicate Event entries and results) d. Set a Goal for your season
e. No Pass No Play

Parent Expectations
a. Please be Punctual in picking up from meets
Athletes may leave after their last event
Must sign out on away meets (If we ride the bus you must sign out)
If another parent is picking up your child I need to be notified by YOU.

b. Be Helpful
We need someone to time using the Daktronics timing console at home meets. Preferably an 8th graders parent. You will be trained to do this. 
I would also appreciate some that are willing to hand time in case we are short one or two come meet time.
Team Shirts - If you really want team shirts then a parent will need to coordinate getting them made and handling all money. I will not be doing shirts.

a. Girls - one piece only.
b. Boys - Brief or Jammer style recommended
c. Goggles need to be worn at all times in the pool
d. All athletes must wear our team cap at the meets
e. Athletes need to always wear clothes over suits when not at the pool. (On Bus, In Hallways, etc.) It is also good practice to cover up before and after events to keep the muscles warm.
f. No kines tape allowed unless I am presented with a doctors note.
g. Swimsuits with other team logos are now acceptable.

Food Swimming Parent Meeting Outline
a. Firehouse
b. swim concession stand - 2 Pizza slices and a drink for $5  

Remind - Code- text @swimwolf to 81010

Yard Signs - I will be doing Yard Sign orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to tryout both days? Yes- swimmers are expected both days

Do I have to be able to swim? Yes- You must be able to swim the length of the pool without stopping in order to try out.

Do I have to have a physical? Yes

How many kids make it? 25 boys and 25 girls

What if I can’t swim any stroke but freestyle?  It all depends on the number of kids who tryout. Sometimes- only freestyle is enough to secure a spot- other years we have had to cut over ½ the potential swimmers.

Do I need my own suit? - Yes

Do I have to wear a speedo? No- you do NOT have to wear a speedo or jammer (bike short style). However- regular swim trunks act similar to a parachute in the water and will slow you down.

May I wear a 2 piece bathing suit (bikini) - No.

Do I have to bring my own goggles? - Yes

When will I find out the tryout results? Results will be available immediately following the 2nd day tryout.

When does practice begin? Practice begins 4/15 at 7:15 am at KCHS pool.

Will we take a bus to away meets?  Yes transportation will be provided to away meets. Please make arrangements to be picked up after meets. *NOTE* All swimmers must wear clothes over their suits on the bus.

How many events can I swim? Swimmers may be entered in either 2 individual and 2 relays OR 1 individual and 3 relays.

When will I know if I make the meet? All swimmers who earn a spot on the team will swim at every meet. (The number of events may be limited.) Entries will be posted on the swim board outside room 220 by Tuesday of meet week.

Do you provide caps? Yes. Team caps will be provided. Suits must be purchased on your own.

Is there a fee involved? There is no fee involved in swimming.

What should I bring to practice/meets? Do NOT eat dairy prior to practice. Usually a granola bar or a piece of fruit is best. Bring water, a towel, goggles, your clothes for school and all of your books to the Klein Collins pool at 7:15 am. For meets - Please bring a snack to eat after school and water.

How will I know my heat/lane? Heat and Lanes are posted by the high school coach once we arrive at the meet. Our trainers can provide you with that information once we arrive.

What if I can’t attend a meet or am ill? I understand things happen- kids have UIL or they come down with something etc. If you know in advance you will be unable to attend a meet- please send me an email. It is a huge problem for my trainers to have to reseed relays on deck. If you are ill- please have your parents notify me so I can excuse you from practice.

What happens if I fail a class? You will not be able to participate in the meet.

How long are the meets? Generally about an hour and a half to two hours. District will be much longer- approximately 4 hours.

Will everyone get to swim on a relay? No, A and B relay spots are awarded based on fastest times. ONLY A RELAYS SWIM AT DISTRICT.

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