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Attendance Counts!
Every Day ~ Everyone.

Important Attendance Notice:
Good attendance is of prime importance for the educational development of each student. When a student is absent from school upon their return they MUST bring a note from their parent or guardian stating when and why they were absent. This note must be turned in to the Attendance office within 5 days of the student's return to school. Not turning in notes can result in an attendance warning letter being sent from the Harris County District Attorney's Office and possibly being fined and summoned to appear in court. A telephone call to the attendance office can be made, but it does not replace the note that MUST be turned in. This regulation will be strictly enforced. 

For attendance information, contact Karen Williams at 832-249-5920 or .

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Federal Report Cards

Custody Related Issues:
Please assist us in the handling of custody related issues. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide the principal a certified copy of the court order affecting any other person's right to their children. Should you have any questions please call: Curtis Simmons at 832-249-5900.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA):
Certain information about Klein ISD students is considered directory information and must be released to anyone who follows procedures for requesting the information, unless the parent objects to the release of any or all directory information about the student. If you do not want the KISD to disclose directory information from your child’s education records without your prior written consent, you must notify the district in writing by September 6, 2013. The KISD has designated the following information as directory information: a student’s name, address, telephone number, electronic e-mail address, date and place of birth, dates of attendance, grade level, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, awards received in school, and most recent previous school attended. A form for requesting the withholding of this information will be given to your student on the first day of school. If the form is not signed and returned, the KISD is required to release the information.

Use of Wireless Devices While Operating a Motor Vehicle:
The Texas Transportation Code currently prohibits the use of a wireless communication device while operating a vehicle within a school crossing zone. The Legislature has added a new offense to the Transportation Code that prohibits the use of a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle on any school property with a crossing zone and while the reduced speed limit is in effect, unless the vehicle is stopped or the driver is using a hands-free device, or there is a specified emergency. This offense was added to address the problem of individuals using wireless devices while driving through school parking lots or driving lanes. In summary, this new legislation permits Klein ISD police officers to stop and cite individuals operating a motor vehicle on a school parking lot provided the vehicle is in motion at the time of the offense. This provision is in addition to the existing law enabling officers to cite drivers within a school crossing zone.

Cell Phones and Pagers:
Possession of cell phones and pagers are only allowed if they are turned off at all times and not visibly/physically present during regular school hours, including riding the school bus to and from home. If a student is using any cell phone or pager during the school day or on a school bus to and from school, the school employee observing the student's use of the device will confiscate it. The school employee will turn over the device to his or her administrator/supervisor. The parent will be notified by the administrator to pick up the device at his/her school during school hours after the payment of a $15 administrative fee. Cash or money orders are the only acceptable forms of payment.

Metal Detectors in School

Schindewolf Intermediate School Report Card

CPR in Schools
Over 300,000 people in the United States have a heart attack each year. Early CPR can double the chances of survival. Recent Texas legislation requires that school districts provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instruction to students at least once in grades 7-12. Students will practice CPR skills as they watch an instructional video.  The CPR instruction will be supervised by American Heart Association trained Klein ISD employees. Klein ISD’s plan is to CPR train seventh grade students through Health/PE/Athletics courses. Students in grades 8-12 may receive CPR instruction through Health Class and during PE or Athletics Courses. Students who miss the regularly scheduled instruction will have another opportunity on a date to be determined by the instructor. Students providing proof of CPR certification via an outside entity may opt out of the training. 
For more information about CPR instruction for your child visit CPR In Schools and (KleinLink).
Important Dates
 May 2017  
  29, Monday - Memorial Day Holiday 
 June 2017  
  1, Thursday - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!
 August 2017  
  15, Tuesday - 6th Grade T-Wolf Trek Night 4:30-6:00
  17, Thursday - 7th & 8th Grade T-Wolf Trek Night 4:30-6:00 
  21, Monday - First Day of School!
 September 2017   
  4, Monday - Labor Day Holiday
 October 2017  
  12, Thursday - End of First Quarter
  13, 16, Friday and Monday - Student Holidays 
 November 2017  
  20-24, Monday - Friday - Thanksgiving Holidays 
 December 2017  
  21, Thursday - EARLY RELEASE DAY! End of First Semester 
  22-29, Friday - Friday - Christmas Holidays
 January 2018  
  1-8, Monday - Monday - Christmas Holidays 
  9, Tuesday - First Day of Second Semester
  15, Monday - MLK Holiday
 February 2018  
  19, Monday - Student Holiday
 March 2018  
  12-16, Monday - Friday - Spring Break
  28, Wednesday - End of Third Quarter 
  29,30 Thursday, Friday - Easter Holidays 
 May 2018
  28, Monday - Memorial Day Holiday

School Hours for 2016-2017
8:35 Students may enter building 
8:45 Proceed to 1st Period 
8:54 School begins
4:00 Dismissal
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Welcome to Schindewolf Intermediate
The Schindewolf family came from Frankershausen, Germany, the same area from which the Hildebrandt family came. Johann Schindewolf married Magdalena (Maria) Hildebrandt in 1873. Together they had three children, Elissa, Klous Otto, and George. After Johann’s death in 1888, Maria brought her three children to Texas. They settled in the Westfield area, where she rejoined with her Hildebrandt family. George married Annie Strack in 1905 in Trinity Lutheran Church in Klein. They lived in the Klein area off Spring Stuebner Road. Around 1910 they built a large home that is still standing and had seven children. After George’s death in 1919, Annie married Friedrich (Fritz) Benfer and lived off Spring Cypress Road. Fritz died in 1961 and Annie died in 1962.

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